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Hitler is mad…at the Watchtower

We find that Adolph Hitler (yes, that Hitler!) has found out that the Watchtower has put out a video banning Jehovah’s Witnesses from enjoying his Sparlock toys and movies. As we have all learned only too well, you don’t want to upset Mr. Hitler cause he is one bad dude. Enjoy and share…

The Watchtower has to break its piggy-bank and use a lot of donations to pay for expanding its Legal Department and hiring outside lawyers. Now that Candace Conti has won her civil lawsuit against the Watchtower (New York) and the Fremont (North) Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the floodgates will open and all of the hundreds of children molested by elders and other members of Kingdom Halls all over the world will take them to court. This is huge!

Sparlock may have taken a few hits from the Watchtower Society, but his worldwide support continues to grow.

Sparlock has become so popular that someone has actually written a song about him.

Sparlock, the warrior wizard, threatens the peace and well-being of every Jehovah’s Witness family. Although he is only a plastic toy, the Watchtower Society makes a strong case that he is possessed by Satan the Devil and must be destroyed with the rest of the family garbage.

Sparlock’s Popularity Grows

During their recent District Assemblies, the Watchtower Society released a new DVD to attendees late Saturday afternoon. The DVD is designed to teach children to be obedient to their Jehovah’s Witness parents, even when they are asked to resist their own logic.

The third segment of the rather lean DVD is about a little boy named Caleb. His family are Jehovah’s Witnesses who take their religion very seriously. A friend at school gives him a plastic toy called “Sparlock.” When asked if Sparlock is “magic,” the little boy responds back to his mother that it is. She is very upset about a toy wizard being in their home. She asks Caleb if Jehovah God approves of such a toy. Caleb seems a little unsure and reluctant to answer the question, but finally responds with the answer he knows his mother wants to hear. She then equates the plastic toy with Satan the Devil, causing Caleb to imagine that the serpent in the Garden of Eden is trying to tempt him to become evil by keeping the toy.

The boy decides not to give the toy back to his friend, but rather to toss it in the trash with coffee grounds and rotten meat. Caleb’s mother expresses her joy in his decision and suggests that they go ride bikes. The boy who is appears to be between 4 and 6 years old, agrees. Did you ride a bike with your mom when you were 5 years old?

This DVD segment has spawned a score of YouTube videos satirizing and rebuking the original. Many critics of the video point out that the real point of the video is that the mother is obviously trying to imply that a plastic toy can somehow be demon possessed and have some real power over the boy and his family.

More importantly, the entire DVD stresses total compliance to the Watchtower Society. It’s all about obedience. As one website reported, when the video was released the audience was told that children should be “inculcated” with the Watchtower’s version of “truth.”

More videos will be released online at over the next few months.

In spite of the Watchtower’s forcing many websites to take down the video, dozens of other YouTube videos have been created as parodies and critical treatments of the DVD. In just a couple of weeks, the name “Sparlock” has been searched more than “Jehovah,” “Watchtower,” or “Governing Body.” The fictitious plastic toy’s popularity continues to soar and more videos and website critiques have been promised.

Surprisingly, many Jehovah’s Witnesses actually believe that Sparlock and the DVD that introduced him to the world are simply hoaxes created and spread by apostates. There are rumors that the Watchtower Society may stop releasing the videos to attendees of District Assemblies scheduled for later this summer.

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